A Major Event

This was the event of historic importance in Peldon and the Wigboroughs in the 20th century.  ZEPFEST was the 100th anniversary of the forced landing of the German Zeppelin L33 near New Hall Cottages in Little Wigborough on 24th September, 1916.

ZEPFEST was a commemoration event with fun for all the family!  It was held in the fields around Copt Hall, Little Wigborough,  CO5 7RD.


The Zeppelin landing

This photo on the right is of the wreckage after it came down in Wigborough. The German crew all survived the forced landing, and promptly set the wreckage on fire to destroy any technical details that the British might learn from it.

British engineers examined the skeleton and later used the plans as a basis for the construction of airships R33 and R34.  Poles can be seen in the photo where the nose has been supported.